Children's Books

ABC Animal Adventures
A fun alphabet book for your young children filled with alliterations. Each page of this book highlights a letter of the alphabet with a sculpted animal doing a variety of creative and imaginative things. This book introduces the sounds and letters of the alphabet while expanding your child's vocabulary. A great book for increasing phonemic awareness. Christina's sculptures are whimsical, entertaining and a great conversation starter for your young one. Buy Now

Monster Babies
We all start out in life as precious babies, but what if we’d all been born as monsters? Scary monsters! So come all ye Boys and Girls, Beasts and Ghouls, and see what kind of Monster Baby you might have want to be. Buy Now

The Pup From Away
Dukes the pup is brought to rural Prince Edward Island from the city. He is used to the glamour of city life and isn’t sure what to make of life in the country. Buy Now

Baby Fairies in my Garden
Shaun and Christina Patterson traveled far and wide to observe the magical fairy folk in their natural habitat. Little did they know that they needn't look farther than their own garden. Buy Now

Cute Food
Sweet, funny, and often adorkable, this colourful collection of miniature polymer clay illustrations by artist Christina served up with a side of Shaun’s very punny writing will leave you feeling full. Buy Now

The ABCs of Skateboarding Animals
Join Author and Illustrator Shaun Patterson, as he takes you on a colourful ride exploring the ABCs of Skateboarding. The ABCs of Skateboarding Animals is sure to pique every child’s curiosity about this fun sport while broadening their vocabulary. Buy Now

The Little Cracked Pot
The Little Cracked Pot is a story inspired by an ancient Chinese proverb. The story speaks to the value of diversity and the flawed idea of what is “perfect.” This is a simple, yet powerful message which all children should hear. Buy Now

Fairies On My Island
If you look closely, maybe you too can discover the world of fairies. Get ready for Shaun and Christina Patterson to take you into a magical world of Fairies. A place where silliness and fun are just as important as being true to yourself and taking care of nature. Buy Now

Owen's Pirate Adventure
Every kid wants to be a pirate, don't they? Owen's nighttime prayer to be a pirate attracts the attention of a crew who whisk him away on their magical flying ship. But the pirate's life isn't what he expected. Buy Now

The soothing rhythms and sounds of the words of this story will work their magic on children at bedtime. Written by award-winning author Deirdre Kessler and illustrated by the talented artist Christina Patterson. Buy Now

Snow Softly Falling
A call was sent out asking writers to submit unpublished short stories for a fiction anthology featuring writers with a significant P.E.I. connection. The result is a collection of stories, essays and poems that will resonate with readers from all backgrounds. Buy Now