Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Introducing Fairies on My Island

Fairies On My Island as a project began in a very interesting way. Christina and myself had both just finished illustrating a kids book each for Acorn Press, when they asked her if she wanted to make a book about Fairies. The publishing world is just as susceptible to trends as any other, and Fairies were the hot topic of the moment.

Christina decided that this would be a perfect project for showcasing both her sculpting and photography skills, there was only one problem...The book did not have an author. If there is one mantra that I whole heartedly believe, it is that opportunity never comes when you are ready and never looks like you expect it to. SO I jumped in an said "Why don't I try and write it?"

I had never written a kids book before and took it up as an amazingly fun challenge. In the end, Christina and myself had out very first book project together and it was the start of many more collaborations.

You can purchase Fairies on My Island - HERE