Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Introducing The Little Cracked Pot

When we decided to pursue publishing some of our own Children's books, one of the main things we wanted to make sure, was that each story had its own purpose. While not all of our books are full of specific messages, The Little Cracked Pot certainly is.

We loved the idea of bring forth a positive story that would reinforce the idea to kids, that being different from each other is our strength as people. Christina and myself were both odd ball kids and are now odd ball artist adults. This is something that can be a source of anxiety for us, but at the same time I am totally convinced that these qualities are what allows us to be blazing the creative path that we are.

I really love Christina's use of traditional watercolor paintings that accompany the story and overall aesthetic of and old school fable. Check out the video below to hear us discussing The Little Cracked Pot in greater detail.

The Little Cracked Pot can be purchased - HERE